The beautiful phenomenon of nature that you should know


The mother nature has given people the number of beautiful wonders, “she" always has a way to make people surprise and curious about the phenomenon of nature around them. Refering to the name of phenomenon to have the opportunity admire it!

1.Karakum Hell Gate, Turkmenistan

When you see the mysterious fire in the center of the Karakum desert, do not be surprised with the fire that is burning in a deep hole and has never been extinguished. This place is also known as the Gate to Hell. The gates of hell are not natural because of it is result of Russian gas exploration accident. The operation rigged the giant gas and creating a huge hole in the desert. To ensure safety, people burned it to avoid toxic gas leaks. But the fire has burned for 40 years and they no signs of stopping.

This phenomenon has attracted a lot of tourists to admire although the approach to the "hell gate" is very dangerous. This 20m deep and 60m wide hole creates tremendous heat, so when you come here you may be feel dizzy, stuffy because of depriving of air. But it is not stop attracting the curious of visitors.

2.The phenomena sea split apart

Travel to Korea, remember to visit Jindo Island and Modo to admire the phenomenon split apart of sea and participate in the Sea-Parting festival of the people here.

Between March and June, the two islands split into two long street 2,9 kilometers. This street connect to the two islands. The local people talk about this phenomenon related to the elderly Bbyong of Korea, praying with the help of sea god Yeonggwang to avoid the tigers. The next day, the water surface split the way to Modo Island to help her come back home with her family. On the other hand, scientifically speaking the researchers believe that this phenomenon start from the tidal activity, the gravitational force and the rotation of the earth.

But whatever the cause, every year on this occasion the local people will celebrate and respond the Sea-Parting festival. If you travel Korea on this occasion, you do not miss this interesting party!

3. Waitomo glowworm cave - the star sky underground

The mother nature has rewarded New Zealand the number of extremely beautiful caves. On of them is Waitomo Glowworm Caves that caves are like the star sky underground with thousands of sparkling stars in the ground.

When you come this cave, you will surprise with a sparkling scene as a miniature night sky. The stars are actually light from the fire - fly and its larvae that have in New Zealand. They usually produce water strings to trap insects. This is why the cave attracts many visitors to visit and take photos.

4.Geyser- where have hot water eruptions

This is an interesting phenomenon when the water on the surface soaked into the ground and touched the hot magma. The heat and pressure have created the water column, include hot water and steam. Not only appear on the Earth but also on other planets also have. Instead of water, they often spray out dust or ice which is intenser than the Earth.

This phenomenon is very rare because it is based on hydrological conditions. There are about 1,000 geysers in the world but about 500 nozzles have been located in Yellowstone, USA, and this has become the  attract place tourists. However, many people predicted that this is a sign of Yellowstone's volcanic activity, if it happens, the United States and the world suffer a deal of damage.

5.Katatumbo thunder - the storm is not calm

This is a unique phenomenon in Venezuela and only occurs at the mouth of the Catatumbo River.

The people said that this was a sign of the gods and called it "Rib-a-ba". However, the other people say that it is a place have a large of oil field in the world. So this place have more frequency of lightning. However, if you want to travel here you can only see the lightning in the area far from the river.


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