Samsung's New S7350 Classic Mobile Phone - The Samsung Classico

Samsung's New S7350 Classic Mobile Phone - The Samsung Classico

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The phone has proportions of 2.4 inch X nought.6 inch X 3.9 inches by using a weight of 3.5 oz. The phone can be a green machine and has recycled materials and the box it comes in is also made of recycled paper. The phone has a full QWERTY keyboard in a slider cut. The screen supports resolutions of 320 X 240 pixels and 262,000 colors with adjustable brightness and backlight timings. Within the simple and to use icon based user cp. The phone has the usual circular toggle, with the central OK button, two soft keys, a speakerphone shortcut, talk and end buttons, and a back command. The keyboard has enough room to type comfortably, along with the function and number keys are specially marked green or better usability. They have a 3.5 mm bo dam re jack and a volume modification.


Primary camera is of three.15 MP that recently been fixed to capture the pictures and videos of higher quality and serving with autofocus, geo-tagging, smile detection and few more features. A secondary camera is fixed on top of the front side of cell phone to create a nice impression on every through video conferencing. Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE can force users to shake their legs with digital sound of various formats of music and video love songs. Now songs over stereo FM radio could be recorded light and portable help of this FM recording option in this handset. Gadget is very generous for sharing information through Bluetooth and USB tools.


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