A Year in the Life of a Pool Service Technician

A Year in the Life of a Pool Service Technician

thread pool is an essential part of pool ownership as, without it, pools can begin developing cloudy water, algae blooms, and even unpleasant odors. userbench of pool owners these days choose to hire a Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service for year-round maintenance, but for those who have yet to make the switch from attempting to perform their own maintenance, it may not be clear exactly what these companies do. Read on to find out about a few of the services provided by pool maintenance technicians during each season of the year below.


Spring Duties


During the spring season, pool maintenance technicians' days are typically filled with preparations for the warm months ahead. Opening pools typically involves removing their covers, skimming their surfaces and cleaning the pools, balancing chemicals, and ensuring that all required equipment is in good working order. Many technicians will also go a step above their official duties and take the time to talk to their clients about pool safety to help them prepare for the summer months.


Summer Maintenance


Most pools require weekly maintenance throughout the season. These visits typically consist of pool chemical balancing, debris skimming, pool vacuuming, and routine cleaning. Maintenance technicians will also check the pools' drain covers, handrails, lifts, and perimeter fences to ensure that everything is in safe working order and will check to make sure that emergency safety devices are on-hand.


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Once the summer season has come to a close, maintenance techs will ensure that their clients' pools are closed properly. This involves one last cleaning and check of the pool's chemical balance and an inspection of the cover to ensure that there are no rips or tears. It's often also necessary to add additional chemicals to ensure that algae are not able to grow and thrive while the pool is not in use and to cover all necessary equipment to protect it from the upcoming inclement weather.


Off-Season Winter Work


It's rare to see pool technicians maintaining backyard pools during the off-season, but that doesn't mean these professionals don't have plenty of work to keep them busy. They can still service commercial and residential indoor pools and many contractors offer additional services such as constructing new pools, remodeling existing ones, repairing decks, and installing necessary safety equipment such as handrails and perimeter fences.


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If all of the tasks described above sound like a lot of work, it's because they are. There's a good reason that most pool owners choose to work with a dedicated maintenance company instead of performing their own work. Those ready to make the switch to working with a professional can check out https://benchmarkpoolservices.com to get started today.